The excellent Preparing for Adulthood’ website has put together some great advice for students with disabilities who want to apply for financial support whilst undertaking work experience.

What is Access to Work?
Access to Work is a grant offered by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), which ensures that you can fulfill your work experience with whatever support you may need from your employer.

Am I eligible?
The amount of money you can receive depends upon your individual circumstances; it also depends on what other benefits you might already receive.

Check how eligible you are for the Access to Work grant here.

How do I Apply?
You’ll need to fill in a form to apply for Access to Work. Your education provider / temporary employer can apply for you. If they do, they need to include their education institution / company details on the form.

You’ll need to fill out one form for each work placement you undertake, no matter how long the placement is for. You can send off your form up to three months before the beginning of your placement.

You can find the form on the ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ website’s page about Access to Work here. The file they ask you to download includes a stencil of the form, and who to send it to.

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Good luck, guys!