Let's be honest, living with ataxia can be pretty tough. Sometimes the simplest of things can be the most difficult. That's why we feel that having the opportunity to take advice and share coping techniques alongside other young people can be infinitely beneficial. We would love for all of members to chat, engage and maybe even meet up, but in the meantime, why not just take a look around. Have a look at the advice on offer and if you feel we’re missing something, gives us a shout!

Across this website we have number of pages we think you'll find useful. Our Advice section has useful links, videos and guidance on several crucial topics including exercise, relationships and education to name a few.

We will be producing a monthly Blog written by a 16:30 group member. If you love to write and are eager to share your experiences, please get in touch!

We want a community. In order to achieve that we need Members. Once again get in touch if you would like to get aboard!

And finally, why not take part in an Event? If you planning a fundraiser in your area or perhaps your local club is having an opening day, let us know and we can promote that for you!