The Ataxia UK Ambassador's project is an opportunity for our 16-30's group members to  become media savvy, tell their stories and represent Ataxia UK at events, in the press and online.

Our Ambassadors are trained up to tell their story in a way that will resonate with the media and help raise awareness of ataxia, as well as their confidence in telling their stories. Taking part in the Ambassador Project offers more opportunities to meet with friends, gain practice in networking as a representative of the charity and build skills that can enhance employment, hobbies and other activities.

What to expect

Ataxia UK Ambassadors can look forward to liaising with our trainer Trevor, radio presenter from the BBC; be taught how to blog/vlog their stories, with guidance from the Communications team; hop onto the Ataxia UK social media accounts for big events and participate in our social media strategies. 

Ambassadors are invited to events across the country as Ataxia UK representatives; write up responses to current events that affect people with ataxia and generally liaise with the Communications department for more opportunities throughout the year to gain a platform for their voice. 

At the 16-30's conference in 2017, we held our first Ambassador training day with over 15 attendees. Since then, a select number of group members have continued in their training, become fully fledged ambassadors who will represent Ataxia UK at the disability-related exhibition Naidex in April 2018.

If you'd like to join such events as an ambassador, then read on!


Ambassadors will gain experience in public speaking; writing for press; social media work; networking and learning how to represent a charity/organisation/company. All of these skills look great on a CV, but they also help people be more in control over how their condition is perceived. 

To become an Ataxia UK Ambassador, or to find out more, email Steph Marley at [email protected]! We'd love to have you.