Ataxia: 16-30...What's it all about?

Well first up, thanks for taking the time to visit us! The fact that you're reading this is a great start. As with so many things, facing up to something you know little about is a daunting prospect. However, it's always reassuring to know that you are not alone. There are thousands of young people in the UK living with ataxia and for the first time, Ataxia UK has been able to coordinate a platform where young people can all meet.

Ataxia: 16-30 is an online community of support and advice, designed at engaging more young people, who have ataxia, with one another as well as offering practical guidance. Across the website you will find a mixture of tips and advice from other young people, as well as some handy directions for where to look if you find yourself in need of help. This help can come in many shapes and forms but we feel the best way to understand your ataxia is by hearing the stories of other people. People who know exactly what you are going through, who can offer support and who can be unashamedly honest with one another!

2015 marked the first year of the Ataxia: 16-30 project, therefore it's still very much in its infancy, however our ambition is for the project to grow and grow until every young person who receives an ataxia diagnosis is aware of us!

In October the group formally met for the first time as part of a Chill-Out! day at Ataxia UK's annual conference. We plan to replicate this for future conferences as the group gets bigger!

We have also created the Ataxia: 16-30 Facebook page. This private Group is exclusively for members of the Ataxia: 16-30 community. Anything a member posts on the group can only be seen by the other members, so you can be completely honest! To join the group, drop Steph Marley an email at [email protected] From there she can send you an invite to join.

If you would like to find out more about ataxia, or the work of Ataxia UK, please do feel free to visit where you find a whole host of information!

After some advice? Why not head over to our advice page for more information. 

Charlotte & Aila, Ataxia: 16-30 Chill-Out! Oct 2015